Stuff that creeps me out!

How long until the Duggars take over?

It didn’t take someone long to figure out that, within 5 generations, one in every 100 Americans would be a Duggar.

Stuff that does not rule!

An open letter to the jerk who tried to break into my office at two in the morning, causing the alarm to go off and the cops to be called; and who attempted to pry the door open with a crowbar, only to shatter the jamb and destroy the deadbolt housing; all without actually getting in and stealing the back issues of Dwell and The New Yorker which were sitting in my lobby; or getting away with anything else, for that matter.

Bite me.

Stuff that creeps me out!

Have yourself a very Orwellian Christmas

Is anyone else creeped out by the not-so-vague Orwellian overtones of the Elf on the Shelf that’s always watching you? All hail Big Brother!

Stuff that rules!, Wiener Dog-A-Rama

True love: a wiener dog and his robot

Stuff that's fun!

The new space program

Because, really, who doesn’t love the idea of launching hedgehogs into space?

Stuff that rules!

Good old rock. Nothing beats it!

Barack, Paper, Scissors. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Wiener Dog-A-Rama

Wednesday Wieners

Stuff that's ironic!


Noun. The quality or state of an event being both coincidental and contradictory in a humorous or poignant and extremely improbable way.

Like this.

Stuff that does not rule!

Mad Lib of the Day

Give it a try: [ name of beer ] + [ juice brand ] = [ brand name ].

Bet you didn’t come up with this.

To quote, because I. Cannot. Make. This. Stuff. Up.:

Enjoy a Chelada and experience the unique mixture Bud Light® or Budweiser® with the flavor of Clamato. Have some fun and customize it to make it your own by adding your favorite ingredient…wherever, whenever!

If by “wherever, whenever!” it is actually meant like nowhere and never, then I’m ok with “Chelada”. But seriously, this has to be the single most disgusting beer idea since that beer energy drink thing. I mean, really, what the hell were the guys over at R&D thinking when they hatched this one?

Who knows, but in the meantime, I’ll be trying to think up a name for my Guinness and carrot juice combo.

Wiener Dog-A-Rama

Wednesday Wieners